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A single shot in the hand launched Nature’s Perfect Hemp.

More than 11 years ago, Nature’s Perfect Hemp founder was experiencing pain in his right hand and went to see a doctor in his home state of CA. The treatment plan called for a rather routine cortisone shot in his hand. But instead of injecting into the joint, the doctor injected the cortisone into his vain, sending the anti-inflammatory agent straight up his arm and into his head. It eventually traveled through his entire body. Within five minutes, he was rendered immobile.
Months and multiple doses of steroids later, he was moving again but started tearing tendons, ligaments and muscles. The 10 years that followed were consumed by 19 operations on his right hand, both wrists, his right arm, left shoulder, left leg and left foot.

Nature perfect hemp

In 2009, he visited a pain management doctor for the first time. This time the treatment plan called for a prescription of Trileptal, which caused a bad reaction. Topamax was up next but had worse effects than the first. Finally, they landed on Lyrica which worked until the pain became unmanageable. he spent 9 years on narcotic pain medication.
So, what does this have to do with Nature’s Perfect Hemp? It all led him to eventually find relief in hemp extract products. After a surgery in November 2017, he tried hemp extract. For the first time in years, he found a great reduction in pain and started making his own formula, so he could make the adjustments he needed for his condition. Those formulas became Nature’s Perfect Hemp. He is now off all narcotic pain medicine and gets through his day pain free.
Three drops of hemp extract tinctures under his tongue in the morning, at noon and before bed allow him to lead a normal life – a changed life.
Nature’s Perfect Hemp is clean, fresh and pure. Every batch is tested for purity, metals and by product.

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